Public Night: Moon, Jupiter, and Mars

Join us for a talk by Gabriel Altay on The Cosmic Microwave Background Thursday, April 10.

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Atlanta Science Festival

The Atlanta Science Festival is March 22-29 and some of our CRA people are making exciting contributions.

NuSTAR Catches Black Holes on the Fly

NuSTAR, NASA's ground-breaking new hard X-ray observatory, reports the detection of the first 10 accreting supermassive black holes discovered by its `serendipitous' survey. By searching the images of all NuSTAR fields for active black holes lurking in the background, astrophysicists can gather information on the population of these objects in a relatively unbiased away. The vast majority of these first 10 objects are rapidly growing black holes in massive galaxies seen when the Universe was only about half its present age. CRA Professor David Ballantyne is a member of the NuSTAR science team and is actively working to understand the implications of NuSTAR's results on the history of black hole growth.

Wise and Collaborators Award Winning Visualizations

Dr. John Wise (Center for Relativistic Astrophysics and School of Physics), in conjunction with his collaborators, won the Best Visualization Prize in the XSEDE13 conference that showcases a diverse collection of computational driven sciences made possible by the NSF XSEDE computing resource. Their winning visualization depicts simulated data of the birth and death of the first stars in the universe and was made with the open-source analysis toolkit, yt.

Transient Gravitational Wave Sky

Interferometric detectors will very soon give us an unprecedented view of the gravitational-wave sky, and in particular of the explosive and transient Universe. Now is the time to challenge our theoretical understanding of short-duration gravitational-wave signatures from cataclysmic events, their connection to more traditional electromagnetic and particle astrophysics, and the data analysis techniques that will make the observations a reality. Check out the paper for the state of the art, future science opportunities, and current challenges in understanding gravitational-wave transients.



Congratulations to Forrest Kieffer who was won the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship while working for Prof. Bogdanovic. Read more...

Lionel is attending the 558th WE-Heraeus-Seminar on The Strong Gravity Regime of Black holes and Neutron stars from March 31-April 4 2014. Check out the group shot below.

Atlanta Science Festival is March 22-29. Go and see what some of the CRA members are up to.

Congratulations to the well deserved promotion of Prof. Ballantyne and...

Graduate student Daegene Koh has received the EAPSI (East Asian and Pacific Summer Institutes) Fellowship for...